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Gardening Tips from "Carolee's Herb Garden"

Carolee's Herb Farm

Check back as more tips will be added throughout the year!

Seed Starting Tips

When sowing tiny slow-growing seeds outdoors, place a 5" "ring" of plastic milk jug around the seeds to keep them from washing away during a rain.  It will also remind you where you've planted each variety (write the name on the plastic) so that they won't be disturbed, laid on by the cat, or eaten by birds.

Press the bottom 1-2" into the soil.  A covering of clear plastic wrap will help keep seeds moist until they sprout, although you may need to remove it on very sunny days.  Be patient!  Some perennial herbs require two years to germinate.

Some seeds, such as parsley or larkspur, should be placed in the freezer as soon as your order arrives.  Take them out to sow in small flats, or in the ground, and return any leftover seed to the freezer.  Soaking parsley seed overnight helps speed germination, but I find them more difficult to sow evenly once they are wet.

-- Carolee