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Why Grow Herbs? Print E-mail


1.  They’re beautiful!  The range and textures of colors of herbs is amazing.  From deep green curly parsley, graceful slender chives, fuzzy scented geraniums, and glossy silver thymes the visual combinations are endless.  They do not rely on flowers for beauty.
2.  Herbs are easy to grow for the most part.  Of course, sage, lavender, and thymes need little water, while basil, chives and mint need lots.  Follow a few simple guidelines and you’ll be successful.
3.  They can thrive in a small space.  Put them in a small garden or in containers!  Use short herbs as edgers, put them in window boxes, or tuck them into perennial borders.
4.  Herbs produce a huge harvest in a small space.  Most herbs thrive when they are harvested multiple times.  The more you pick them, the more they produce.
5.  Fresh flavor is at your fingertips, and the flavor of fresh herbs can’t be beat.
6.  Big money savings!   A small jar of dried herbs is around $6.00!  A tub of herbs can save big bucks!
7.  Grow your own—you can’t get more local than that!  Many herbs actually come from Europe, Russia and other distant lands.  Labor & shipping costs will only continue to rise.
8.  Healthier eating—using herbs for flavor reduces the need for oil, salt, & sugar!
9.  Wonderful fragrances—the clean scent of lavender, the brightness of mint, the
sweetness of rose geranium, the magic of lemon verbena, and lots more are there for you to experience!
10.  Butterflies will thank you—many herbs are host plants or fabulous nectar producers.
11.  Less waste—ever buy a bunch of herbs & half of it goes to waste?  Grow your own and pick only what you need.
12.  Every herb plant is a link with history.  The lavender or mugwort you grow is a descendant of those cherished by monks, queens, wise women, and herbalists through the history of man.
13.  Variety—you can grow herbs that are hard to find in the marketplace, like summer savory, lemon balm, and unusual mints.
14.  Herbs provide many tasty teas, or garnishes for other drinks.
15.  You’ll experience automatic aromatherapy.  A few minutes in the herb garden can relieve a day’s worth of stress.
16.  With a bit of study, you’ll have some basic first aid.
17.  With a bit of study, you can make natural cleaning supplies and reduce the number of chemicals under your sink.
18.  With a bit of study, herbs can provide simple cosmetics and perfumes.
19.  Pick a bouquet of herbs and scent your kitchen as you cook.
20.  Pick tiny bouquets for hostess gifts, or one for each person at a dinner party.
20.  Many herbs have flowers that can be dried for ornamental use.
21.  A few sprigs of herbs in the closet can repel harmful insects.
22.  It will get you outdoors a few times a week, to harvest, to water, or to rub a leaf for pure enjoyment.
23.  You’ll learn, and life-long learning helps keep you young and involved with the world.
24.  Having a bounty of tasty herbs will lead to experimentation in the kitchen.  No more ho-hum dishes.
25.  You’ll have fun!
26.  You’ll be part of the world of herbs, a world that’s filled with interesting people and more importantly, interesting plants!

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