Butterfly/Hummingbird Print



While I am often dismayed at articles or public gardens that tout “Bird and Butterfly” Gardens, the Hummingbird is one little gem that can co-exist with Butterflies.  In most cases, birds like nothing better than a Butterfly Garden, since it quickly becomes a buffet for them where they can devour adult butterflies, defenseless caterpillars, and egg clusters.  However, hummingbirds are usually safe companions for the “flying flowers.”  And, since hummingbirds and butterflies often feed on the same blooms, it makes sense to group them together.  Our Butterfly/Hummingbird garden is a feast for the eyes, containing over 110 plant varieties.  Our goal is to provide nectar from early spring to late fall.  Stroll through and examine the plants, search for caterpillars, or relax in a hidden bench to watch for hummingbirds.  There’s always something to watch in this colorful garden.