The Enchanted Forest Print


This is one of my favorite gardens.  It is filled with shade-loving plants such as hostas, tiarellas, lungworts, Solomon’s seal, and lots more.  The hellebores are terrific, and begin blooming almost before the snow has melted.  Their papery-blooms last for months, and the plants themselves are tough as nails.  I love the toad lilies, which come in a variety of heights and colors.  Some have golden foliage, or gild-edged leaves.  Their flowers are like tiny orchids, so plant them where you can observe them closely.  Bright blue spring scillas and miniature daffodils provide early color, along with jewel-toned primroses.  Our biggest problems with this garden is erosion from the creek that sometimes floods, and the steady stream of deer the also love to meander this garden’s paths.