The Lavender Field Print


“Purple heaven” is what most visitors call this field in June and July, when over 50 varieties of lavender and lavandins come into bloom.  The perfume of 4,000 plants fills the air.  Walk down the rows and see the variety of colors, from white and palest pinks to deep, dark violets.  Notice that some plants are small and compact, while others are tall and sprawling.  Some stems are short, and others are very long.  Some leaves are gray-green, and others are silver.  Some bloom early, some late.  Some are extremely fragrant, others have hardly any scent at all.  Some smell sweet, some medicinal.  Some bloom only once, others rebloom later in the season.  We have lavender plants from New Zealand, Australia, France, England, and Italy.  You’ll find the very old varieties to the newest introductions.  You’ll find that all of them are addicitive!