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The Moonlight Garden at Dusk

This garden is designed to be viewed best at dusk, or after dark. This is an ideal garden for those who work long hours in the daytime, and can only enjoy their gardens in the evenings. In moonlight, the white flowers seem to float magically, their dark foliage and stems disappear.  Silver-leaved plants softly reflect the pale moon’s light.  Night-blooming plants release their perfumes to delight the visitor.  There are nearly a hundred varieties of plants in this garden, from tiny nirembergia to tall hydrangeas.  Ghostly spires of yucca blooms and big balls of phlix “David” come after the pretty white “May Queen” Shastas.  Jasmine nicotianas and moonflowers join moon lilies to sweeten the air.  Look for unusual night-blooming daylilies and silvery rattlesnake master.  Don’t you wish you could come during a full moon?